Shipping Policy

Return Authorization

Please inspect your shipment immediately upon receipt. This will allow both the reseller and Wozo to expedite the return/reshipment process. All returns must be approved in advance with a Return Authorization Number (RA#). If the reseller wishes to return any item(s), please contact Wozo Customer Support in order to receive a corresponding RA#. Regardless of the reason for return, be it defective merchandise, a shipping discrepancy, or otherwise, receiving a Return Authorization Number is essential to initiating the return process. 

Return of Merchandise

 In order to successfully return merchandise, the buyer must request a Return Authorization Number within thirty (30) days of the original date the merchandise in question was received, in order for the return request to be considered valid. Once the RA# has been issued, we will review your request/reason for return.

Defective Merchandise

Wozo stands behind its commitment to quality, transparency, and. timeliness. Defective merchandise will be replaced in full, or the buyer will be credited for the full cost, given the defective merchandise is returned within 30 days of the original date received.  In order to make the return process as cohesive as possible, please forward a photo(s) of the damaged or otherwise defective merchandise to Wozo Customer Support, following the issuance of your RA#. Credit for/replacement of defective items will be issued once the defective merchandise is returned in its original packaging with the corresponding paperwork.

Shipping Discrepancies

 Any items shipped in error, or items not received must be reported within seven (7) business days following the original date received. Any erroneous items received shall be replaced and any items not received in the original shipment shall be shipped immediately. Prior to contacting Wozo Customer Support, please have a detailed ledger prepared of all erroneous items received and/or ordered items not received. Additionally, please forward proof of delivery; this should include a photo of the label on the packaging, showing the item number(s).

Shortage Claims

Resellers seeking to file a shortage claim must request an RA# from Wozo Customer Support within seven (7) business days of the original delivery date. After the RA# is issued, the reseller must provide proof of delivery. This should include the verification of product(s) received along with the freight driver’s delivery receipt at the time of delivery.


 Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing is our recommended price for the point of sale. Our pricing as it stands- the range between unit cost, MAP, and MSRP- grants sellers a wide range of options with which to price items as they see fit, at their own discretion.

MAP Pricing

 Minimum advertised pricing exists to protect both our organization, and you, as the purchasing organization. Our MAP pricing is 80% of MSRP (20% below the MSRP) for all Wozo products. This pricing infrastructure is equivalent to the industry standard, designed to give our partner organizations a wide range with which to set prices, while also ensuring that brand and price integrity is not compromised and that counterfeit products throughout the online marketplace are quickly identified. Our MAP prices are vigorously enforced and final, in order to ensure the above. If MAP pricing guidelines are violated, we reserve the right to rescind any previously agreed-upon authorized-seller status with the violating party. Wozo also reserves the right to modify MAP pricing from time to time at our discretion, based on market conditions. In order to retain the right to resell, all partners must abide by MAP pricing.