A Family dream!

We didn’t just choose this name because it’s short and catchy; we grew up in Haiti, where the Wozo Tree is known as a symbol for resilience and renewal. A knocked down or damaged Wozo Tree will find a way to pick itself up and continue to grow strong.

Consequently, we couldn’t think of a better symbol to represent our own product line.

“I came to the United States after the 2010 earthquake, an event that was, in large part, what inspired me to go into the healthcare field to begin with. I’ve found there’s a strong sense of resiliency that’s needed in all aspects of life, be it from a personal standpoint, or the professional level, and that’s an important aspect behind the larger inspiration behind our Wozo Brand. “ Elisabeth, Co-Founder

This is a project that we’ve put all our passion into. Wozo apparel is made from carefully chosen source materials, providing a luxuriously soft, supple feel due in part to the smooth fabrics used. One of the more innovative features of the Wozo Original Product Line is that they’re antimicrobial, meaning they’re created with fabrics that mitigate bacteria of both the odor causing and more harmful varieties, and we have a variety of styles and sizes for both men and women.

Wozo apparel also features Mau 4-Way Performance Stretch and advanced flexibility for comfort, odor and fade resistance, and easy-care features.  One of the most important takeaways that our team learned is that being a medical professional isn’t like any other nine to five job, it’s a significant part of one’s lifestyle. Being able to choose a uniform or a set of scrubs that feels like an extension of your person, rather than just another uniform to wear on the job is such an important part in feeling comfortable on even the longest of shifts. You want to be able forget you’re even wearing it, but at the same time, you want it to make a statement to those around you.

There are many reasons to choose Wozo Original Products; whether it’s for our carefully selected fabrics, the durability and resiliency for which they’re named, or the style and comfort they offer, there’s something to appeal to any healthcare professional. Whether you’re shopping for a while new array of uniforms, or you’re just searching for a replacement for your last set of scrubs, Wozo Original Products are the ideal choice for your professional needs.